The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet Today

The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet Today

Having a pet at your home is a decision that should be made with caution. There are a lot of things that you need to consider. However, if you have made up your mind and you are ready to get one, it is best if you will opt for a pet adoption than buy the pets from high-end breeders. Why consider pet adoption? Here’s why.

  1. Save a life


We all know what happens to the pets on a shelter that has not been adopted. These animals end up being euthanized. If you adopt than purchase, think of another life you can save. Think about the pet that you can give a home. With the growing number of pets brought in an animal shelter, euthanasia is something that can’t be helped.

  1. Get a great pet

Here’s one fact about animals that are usually brought in a shelter. Most pets that are taken in are not those animals that need to go to obedience school. Most of these animals are those that are affected if there has been any problem with their former guardians. The usual reasons are if they are moving to a different place or country or if the family is going on their separate ways.  More often than not, the pets waiting for adoption are already used to a home environment.

  1. It will cost you less

The first few months of a pet are the priciest stage of owning a pet. There are a lot of things that needs to be taken cared off like vaccines, boosters and a lot more. If you consider adopting, you can save money from all those. The adoption price is already inclusive of the basic needs of the pet. Shelters will not release the pets to your care if they are not ready.

  1. You can fight breeding facilities


If you care about the animals and despise animal cruelty, adoption is one way to fight the breeding facilities. These kinds of firms prioritize the money they can get rather than the safety and wellness of the animals. Most facilities don’t have enough clean shelter for the animals, and they are not given adequate food to eat. We all know that breeding companies will not stop until there are people who are patronizing them.

  1. Save training time

Most pets in the shelter are already well-trained to be domesticated. You won’t need to start from scratch in teaching your pets about the house rules you have. Adopted pets can quickly warm up to your family. If you have kids at home, surely they will get along quickly.

  1. You can help a lot more pets than you can think of

If you adopt a pet, the money you paid will immediately go through the shelter funds in taking care of the other pets that are left. One adoption means there will be a free space for another animal that needs it the most. When you adopt, you are not just saving one animal life because it can help a hundred more.

It is always better to adopt a pet than purchase it somewhere else. Put in mind that the best companion is the animals who knows the feeling of being alone because they will never let you feel the same way.

The 3 Benefits You can get if You own a Pet

The 3 Benefits You can get if You own a Pet

People have different reasons why they want to get a pet. Whatever your reason is for owning one, all of us will benefit from it. There are a lot of things that a pet can do for us. Let’s check out the most amazing benefits that you can get if you start being a guardian to those little animals.

  1. Learn the value of responsibility


If you get a pet to take care of, it is accompanied by a lot of responsibilities. We all know that pets cannot stand alone and it will be solely dependent on you. It is like having a child of your own that you need to raise and take care. Having a pet will teach you to be a more responsible person because there is life in your hands.



  1. Time Management



Having a pet is not easy because you will need to make sure that you give it enough time and attention. If you have a busy schedule, it is a must that you make time for your pet buddies. As days goes on, it will be simpler for you to manage your time with all the tasks that you have to complete.


  1. You will be healthier

If you have a pet at home that will greet you after a long day of work, the stress that you are feeling can quickly subside. It is a fact that people who have pets are happier people than those who don’t. We all know that stress is connected will all sorts of ailments that can have severe effects on people. Aside from that, pets need daily exercise. As the guardian, you are required to spend some time working out with your pet and activities are good for the body.

Being a pet parent is something that is not just beneficial but a very rewarding feeling as well.

5 Things that Most of us may Not know About Cats

5 Things that Most of us may Not know About Cats

Cats are lovable and cuddly. There is no doubt why there are a lot of people who are known to be cat lovers. Even if we are feline enthusiasts, there are still a lot more things that we can discover about cats. Let’s check out some amazing things about the feline kind that most of us may not know.

  1. Some cats like water



We should not generalize all cats. Some breeds enjoy the water. You’ll be surprised to see some cats that swim and play around the water. Some breeds that you may see enjoying the time of their lives in some pools are the Turkish Angora, Maine Coon, Turkish Van and a lot more.

  1. Cats can be manipulative

We all know that cats will not stop purring until it gets your attention most especially when it’s hungry. The feline creatures will not stop until they get what they want and that is food. No matter what you are doing, you will have to stop and give these kitties something to eat.

  1. Cats can dream too



Cats are like humans when they sleep. It also gets to imagine things like we do. As per some studies, when a cat is asleep there are similarities with the brain patterns as with the humans.

  1. Chocolates are not good for cats

Cats are the same with dogs. Chocolates are not one of comfort food of the feline family. Like canines, they also get sick when they get a chance to eat some delightful treats. Make sure that you keep your stocks away from their paws to keep them safe.

  1. Cats have high heat tolerance


It may seem unreal because they are covered with furs, but cats can tolerate a lot of heat. It is due to the upbringing of the cats. During the old days, cats are commonly found and raised through the desert type of environment. It is the reason why up until today, they can still adapt to a warm environment.

Remember that there are still a lot more things to learn about cats. The more we spend time with these adorable kitties is the better we will learn things about them.